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Social and joyous, singing frees the soul and relieves the stresses of everyday life. Because the essence of singing is internal, it is felt more deeply than playing an instrument and therefore has a more profound and personal effect. –Vicki G

5th Grade CHOIR


  • Choir is working on spring concert music.
  • Auditions for Districtwide Honor Choir for March concert in February.  Emails for survey coming soon.
Southern California Children's Chorus

Southern California Children's Chorus


Mrs. Sharon Evans
Mrs. Macy Whitesell
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choir kids singing


  • Warm-up with teacher
  • Sing My Country Tis' of Thee in key of F
  • Tonal Memory: Sing back what teacher sings to you.
Singing is one of the simplest and yet most powerful forms of music-making. It doesn’t cost anything, anyone can learn, and everyone possesses an instrument. All the basic elements of music – pitch, melody, harmony, timbre, rhythm, dynamics, expression and so on - can be learned through singing. In fact, because of the lack of an instrument, singing is the quickest and most direct way to learn and internalize music. Crucially, it is also vital for developing a ‘good ear’ – you cannot have one without the other. –Vicki W